Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving...time to reflect on life, count our blessings and think about where we're headed.

Everyone experiences ups and downs, but when you have a special child they tend to happen more frequently. The plus here is that though there are some deep and frequent lows, it makes you appreciate the highs that much more. And if we weren't on this crazy rollercoaster ride, we would have missed out on meeting some of the most wonderful people in this world.

They say you find out who really has your back when the going gets rough and, well, the going is often rough around here. But we are blessed to have the most supportive friends and family to help us through who would do anything for us and our sweet Ella.

We are also thankful to have some of the best doctors, therapists and nurses to help us care for Ella. Not only do they take great care of her, they are truly concerned about her well-being and really want to see her succeed. It's an amazing thing to have so many people love and care for your child in this way.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned along the way is how valuable it is to connect yourself with people in a similar situation as you, and I am honored to be a part of the special needs parents group. People say to us fairly often that it takes 'a special kind of person' to do what we do, and they are right. I believe we are specifically chosen to care for these precious and fragile children, and we understand that it's a priviledge to raise them though others might not see it that's our little secret. I am so very thankful to be a part of this group, and for the opportunity to connect with other parents online the way we are able to these days. Nothing eases the soul better than knowing you are not alone.

I am most thankful for my special child who has shown me what true, unconditional love is. I'm thankful for her resillience and her determination. I'm thankful for those big blue eyes that tell me how much she loves her mommy when her disability won't let her verbalize it. And I'm thankful that He thinks enough of me to trust me with this precious child.

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  1. Beautiful. We are so blessed, it's unbelievable. I've tried explaining to people who don't have a special needs kid ... I wish everyone could have an Emily for a little while. To show them that the day to day good is AWESOME. :) You are a lucky mom to have your beautiful, sweet Ella!


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